What Causes A Volcano To Erupt?

what causes a volcano to erupt

A question in your mind must be making you curious about what causes a volcano to erupt? Why do the mountains explode the hot lava fluid from it? All your serious thinking is fair and in this article, you will come to know the scientific reasons behind volcanic eruptions. I will tell you the main causes when mountain volcanoes become active. You will understand how the process of volcanic eruption starts and ends. So don’t leave and stay here till last as you will know many important points of what causes a volcano to erupt.

What Causes A Volcano To Erupt?

Before we know about what causes a volcano to erupt facts we shall look at a quick definition of the volcano. So the opening in the earth’s crust that helps in releasing the gases, steam, ashes, magma, etc is called a Volcano. Now, we know what happens when a volcano bursts in general.

But let’s see more details of the effects of volcanic eruption and causes further.

List Of Causes For Volcano Eruption

Below I have listed what causes a volcano to erupt.

  1. Movement Of Tectonic Plates
  2. Magma Formation
  3. Gases
  4. Bubbles Pressure
  5. Water Magma Interaction

Reasons For Volcanic Eruption

Here are the 5 causes of volcanic eruption in points one by one.

  1. Movement Of Tectonic Plates

The first important volcanic eruption causes and effects are the movement in tectonic plates. In the earth’s core, the rocks melt and form a molten mass which is filled inside a volcanic crater. While seeing a volcanic eruption diagram the first thing to notice is the molten mass is filled at the bottom or in the mantle of the earth. It happens when the tectonic plates move due to natural phenomena. The molten mass formed is called lava or magma. Below you will know more about this magma let’s move to the next point.

  1. Magma Formation

Magma formation happens because of the movement in tectonic plates. The several layers of tectonic plates are formed on one another and hence the rocks start to melt. The primary reason is the occurrence of what is magma what causes magma to erupt out of a volcano? And it starts to rise in the crater. The magma is formed in the earth’s mantle which is very hot and can come out even before the volcanic eruption. It may happen when there are holes in the crater or places in the side from where magma can be released.

To show magma what causes a volcano to erupt for kids in science experiments is difficult. However, the use of the food colors and some edible products make it easy to show the oozing lava in the volcano project.

  1. Gases

The volcanic gas is the third reason for what type of energy causes a volcano to erupt through its crater. As the gases are lighter in weight hence they travel in the upward direction. They find a place to escape and come out when a volcanic eruption happens. Different gases like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, etc can be present in the volcano erupted area. However, sometimes, the gases get trapped in the magma and hence find a place to release this is what chemical reaction causes a volcano to erupt in the hot mountains.

  1. Bubbles Pressure

The rise in bubbles pressure is what causes a volcano to erupt violently due to gases trapped inside the volcano magma. As the temperature is high and the bubbles increase the tension in the magma and make an explosion with the release of smoke.

Clouds form which contains hazardous gases coming from the volcano. The pressure released can be dangerous as it may be released at high speed and you may hear a red alert.

You can experiment with what causes a volcano to erupt science fair project in school by use of baking soda, vinegar, and water. You will see an exact effect like bubble pressure releasing from the volcano.

  1. Water Magma Interaction

Many of the volcanoes are near the water areas where magma and water combine. The interaction of magma with water is what causes a dormant volcano to erupt and which is filled up with steam and gases when it explodes.

There is a process of combining the hot magma and water that forms what causes a volcano to erupt underwater in the mid oceans mountain areas. It occurs due to the opening of cracks when two tectonic plates separate.


What Are The 3 Main Causes Of Volcanic Eruptions?

The 3 main causes of the volcanic eruption are as follows:

  1. Movement in the tectonic plates in mountains and oceans.
  2. Melting of rocks and formation of the magma.
  3. Rise in the pressure due to gases and bubbles.

How Does A Volcano Erupt?

A volcano erupts because of the following reasons:

  • When there is tectonic plates movement which creates a volcano opening
  • A high proportion of magma formation that rises to the surface of the volcano
  • The rise in the level of gases in volcanic crater try to escape out
  • Increase in bubbles that rise pressure inside making volcano to burst
  • Interaction between water and magma in the core of the volcano

What Are The Main Causes Of Volcano?

The main causes of the volcano to form are given below:

  • Movement of tectonic plates in mountains and mid oceans
  • Magma generation in a large percentage
  • Gases level rising due to combustion
  • There is an increase in bubbles pressures
  • The mixing of water and magma to form steam and vapors

Is It Possible To Trigger A Volcanic Eruption?

No, it is not possible to trigger a volcanic eruption artificially, however, a volcanic eruption is triggered naturally when there is movement in tectonic plates.

How Long Do Volcanoes Live?

According to “Volcanoes of the World,” 93% of volcano eruptions end within three years, 53% end within two months and 24% end within one week.

What Are 5 Causes Of Volcanic Eruption?

Causes of Volcanic Eruption

We know that the mantle of the Earth is too hot, and the temperature ranges from 1000° Celsius to 3000° Celsius. The rocks present inside melt due to high pressure and temperature. The melted substance is light in weight. This thin lava comes up to the crust since it can float easily.


After reading this article you got a general idea of what causes a volcano to erupt and what happens when it finally erupts. I told the different reasons behind volcanic eruption and its effects. You understood how the process starts and ends when the volcano is occurring. The important points and different interactions that happen in the bursting of a volcano that I described in detail. Now you can easily tell anyone what causes a volcano to erupt in mountains.

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