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Meet the Team Behind Feature Buddies

At Feature Buddies, our success is built on our team members’ dedication, expertise, and passion. Get to know the talented individuals who are driving innovation and shaping the future of our platform:

Charlotte Brown

Co-Founder & CEO

Charlotte is the visionary leader behind Feature Buddies, guiding the company’s strategic direction and overseeing its day-to-day operations. With a background in software engineering and a passion for entrepreneurship, Charlotte is dedicated to empowering creators and fostering a culture of collaboration within the digital community.

Janet Millerman

Co-Founder & CTO

As the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Feature Buddies, Janet brings a wealth of technical expertise and innovation to the team. With years of experience in software development and a keen eye for emerging technologies, Janet is responsible for driving the platform’s technical vision and ensuring that our features are built to the highest quality and performance standards.

Our Values

At Feature Buddies, we believe in transparency, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. Our team is united by a shared passion for innovation and a dedication to empowering creators to bring their ideas to life. We pride ourselves on fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual respect, where every team member is valued for their unique talents and contributions.

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Are you passionate about technology, creativity, and positively impacting the digital world? We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Check out our Careers page for current openings and opportunities to join the Feature Buddies family.

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Charlotte Brown, Janet Millerman, and the Feature Buddies Team

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