What Is Liquid Starch? Uses Of Liquid Starch

what is liquid starch

Are you willing to know what is liquid starch because someone suggested you use liquid starch? You will understand the meaning of liquid starch, how it can be made, etc. I am going to tell you what is liquid starch made from with simple steps. If you have any doubts or other questions on liquid starch will be cleared after going through this article. So stay here and read till last without missing any point on what is liquid starch.

What Is Liquid Starch?

Liquid starch is one of the products used in washing clothes. It benefits the user by making the clothes new finishing by adding a little hard texture surface. When you iron the what is liquid starch UK washed clothes later they give nice iron folds. The clothes look fresh and new with the use of liquid starch. Liquid starch adds an extra layer of protection to the garments by preventing permanent and tough stains. However, the use of liquid starch is not limited to clothing and dresses, there are some other uses too, let’s see them.

Uses Of Liquid Starch

Here I have described what is liquid starch used for in different things. You will come to know new things about the liquid starch what is it uses in the following.

  1. Slime

Liquid starch can be used for crafts ideas like making slime. Simply, all you need is to take one-fourth cup of water. To it add an equal portion of the white glue. Now mix these properly and add the same amount of liquid starch slowly. Stir the mixture until nice what is liquid starch for slime is formed. You will need a plastic pouch to store slime and prevent moisture loss.

  1. Craft Clay

A thick craft clay dough can be made using liquid starch. To prepare the silly putty you can take half a bowl of crafting white glue and add some color of your choice to it. Mix up the glue and color to combine evenly. Now add a little amount of what is liquid starch for crafts to the same slowly until the smooth dough is obtained. You can use this like crafts clay and sculpt out many objects.

  1. Finger Paint

The use of liquid starch can be also done in preparing the finger paints easily. To make the finger paint first requirement is the tempera paint in powder form. Just adding two tablespoons of liquid starch will make the finger paint easily. Paints can be made as per the desired need and consistency.

We read about how to use liquid starch in different materials. But let us see different ways to prepare liquid starch easily at home.

Liquid Starch Recipe Ingredients

You will also understand what is liquid starch made out of in the following. You will not need to see where to buy liquid starch from the store as it is this simple to make it.

  • Cornstarch
  • Water
  • Fragrance
  • Pan
  • Container

Preparation Of Liquid Starch

Below you will see what is liquid starch made of in simple steps of preparation. 

  1. Take a pan at first.
  2. Add a few cups of water around 500 to 600 ml
  3. Boil the water.
  4. Mix one tablespoon cornstarch with some water.
  5. Now add the starchy solution to boiling water slowly.
  6. Stir the mixture in the pan continuously to prevent lumps.
  7. Now stop boiling and let cool down the mixture.
  8. Add some fragrance to the prepared solution.
  9. Store it in the container and keep it in a dark cool place.
  10. Use the mixture just like normal liquid laundry starch.


How Do You Make Liquid Starch?

You can make liquid starch with the following materials easily.

  • Cornstarch
  • Water
  • Fragrance
  • Pan
  • Container

What Can I Use Instead Of Liquid Starch?

You can use cornstarch solution instead of liquid starch for spraying or washing the clothes.

Is Cornstarch The Same As Liquid Starch?

No, the cornstarch is not the same as liquid starch as their composition is different from each other.

What Can Liquid Starch Be Used For?

  • Liquid starch can be used for the following things.
  • Washing the clothes.
  • Giving the fabrics extra firm and crisp texture.
  • Preparing the slime.
  • Used in the making of playing clay.
  • Making of the finger paint.

Can Liquid Starch Be Used As Glue?

In The Art Studio at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, we use liquid laundry starch as the adhesive when we offer Tissue Paper Collage projects. We like using the prepared liquid laundry starch because we go through a lot of it and can store it without refrigeration.


This information on what is liquid starch was very interesting to read. I told you the different use of the liquid starch other than clothes washing. You understood how to make liquid starch for clothes at home. I told the materials to be used in liquid starch preparation. You can share this information about liquid starch with anyone and tell them it’s making. Now you are not having any doubt of what is liquid starch.

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