What Is A Spot Fire?

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What Is A Spot Fire?

A spot fire is a term used to describe a small, isolated fire that starts away from the main fire. Spot fires can occur when embers or sparks from a larger fire are carried by the wind and ignite nearby combustible materials, such as dry grass, leaves, or debris.

Spot fires are a common occurrence during wildfires, where they can pose a significant threat to firefighters and the surrounding community. They can quickly spread and ignite additional fires, making it difficult for firefighters to control the blaze.

To prevent spot fires, firefighters will often use tactics such as setting up fire lines or creating a firebreak. Fire lines are areas where vegetation has been removed or cleared to create a barrier between the main fire and potential fuel sources for spot fires. A firebreak is a similar concept but involves creating a gap in vegetation or other combustible materials to prevent the spread of fire.

Spot fires can also be prevented through proper management of outdoor activities, such as camping or backyard fires. When camping, it is important to only build fires in designated fire pits or areas and to fully extinguish the fire before leaving. In backyard settings, fires should be built in a fire pit or other designated area and should never be left unattended.

In the event that a spot fire does occur, it is important to immediately report it to the appropriate authorities and evacuate the area if necessary. Firefighters will work quickly to contain the spot fire and prevent it from spreading further.

Overall, spot fires can be a dangerous and unpredictable component of wildfires. Through proper management and prevention techniques, however, they can be effectively controlled and mitigated to protect both people and property.

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What Does A Spot Fire Mean?

The fire ignited outside the perimeter of the main fire by a firebrand.

What Causes Spot Fires?

Spot fires occur when sparks and embers are transported by the wind or convection column and land to ignite new fires outside the main fire perimeter. During this process, burning material (sometimes referred to as flying brands or firebrands) can be carried considerable distances.

How Big Is A Spot Fire?

Spot fire – A spot fire is one that is less than 0.01 hectares (10 meters by 10 meters). Spotting – A wildfire produces burning embers called firebrands. These firebrands are carried by the surface wind, a fire whirl, and/or convection column that fall beyond the main fire perimeter and result in spot fires.

How Are Spot Fires Ignited?

Spot fires are ignited outside the perimeter of the main fire by lofted embers. Firefighters often refer to this as spotting and may occur miles in advance of the flaming front.


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