How To Get Rid Of Stinkhorn Fungus? 7 Different Ways

how to get rid of stinkhorn fungus

How to get rid of stinkhorn fungus when there is a bad odor coming in your yard? Today I will tell you about the stinkhorn mushroom and the process of removing it. Readout all the important points that you should remember while cleaning mushroom stinkhorn fungus. You will understand the safest way to pick out the fungus and prevent its spreading in your beautiful garden in this article. Is stinkhorn bad or good? Whether you need to be aware of stinkhorn fungus? I will clear all such doubts related to how to get rid of stinkhorn fungus further.

How To Get Rid Of Stinkhorn Fungus?

Here is the list of the things you should do when how to get rid of stinkhorn fungus in mulch while cleaning the yard.

  1. Picking and Uprooting Stinkhorn Fungus
  2. Clearing Residues Of Fungus
  3. Use Of Salt
  4. Bleach Solution
  5. Spreading Lime
  6. Spraying Fungi Killer
  7. Disposing Fungus

7 Ways To Deal With Stinkhorn Fungus

Below are the 7 ways how to get rid of stinkhorn fungi easily. I have described every point in detail that will help you in the easy removal of stinkhorn mushrooms easily.

  1. Picking and Uprooting Stinkhorn Fungus

The first easy and simple way how to get rid of elegant stinkhorn fungus is by picking and uprooting them. However, you need to be careful and take some precautions while doing this process. Wear some safety gear before picking out the smelly stinkhorns, mainly the mask and gloves. Use gardening tools to uproot the mushroom from its base or with your hands pick out it until you see an oval-shaped base. Remember shovel complete fungus and there remains no stalk of the mushroom left in the ground.

  1. Clearing Residues Of Fungus

After doing the first step, you should clear the area nearby the stinkhorn mushroom spot with a shovel. Check for any roots of the fungus left in the mulch or ground. This will help in clearing the stinkhorn egg that may have settled in the ground.

If you don’t want to make your hands dirty then there are some other ways too. Let’s see what kills of stinkhorn fungus naturally.

  1. Use Of Salt

The use of simple salt will kill the stinkhorn mushroom. You need to spread regular table salt on the fungus and leave it for 2 to 3 days. Salt will dry out the fungus completely and will kill it. The foul odor coming from the stinkhorn mushroom psychedelic will be masked by salt. However, the spores may remain unaffected hence, the stinkhorns can reappear in the future.

  1. Bleach Solution

Another way to kill dangerous stinkhorn fungus is the use of the bleach solution. To prepare this solution you will need hot water and bleach. Mix hot water and bleach in an equal proportion of 1:1 and be careful while preparing this solution. You should use gloves and cover your eyes with safety glasses so that vapors do not enter your eyes. Pour this hot solution over the mushroom and its ground. The spores and fungus will become inactive when the hot water bleach solution is poured on it and you can dig out the area after some time.

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  1. Spreading Lime

You can spread lime over mushrooms in the backyard how to get rid of stinkhorn fungus without making a solution. The nature of the lime is caustic and it will change the soil’s environment which is not suitable for the stinkhorn mushroom benefits anymore to live. You should take care while spreading the lime on the ground. The lime will work more efficiently on the damp soil and kill the stinkhorn mushroom quickly.

  1. Spraying Fungi Killer

Nowadays, many fungus killers are available in the markets. This will help in killing out various fungi and molds from the mud easily. You can spray the fungi killer on the stinkhorn and the soil below it. See the instructions and identify the stinkhorn mushroom pictures for spraying the stinkhorn fungi killer. Try to follow the directions as given on the label of the fungi killer to chances of killing the fungus and its roots.

  1. Disposing Fungus

The disposal of the stinkhorn fungus is also important. The use of a garbage bag is good for sniffing dog stinkhorn how to get rid of stinkhorn fungus spores and seeds. After elimination of the fungus from the ground transfer it into a garbage bag that is of good quality. The bag should be tied properly to prevent the falling of the spores and seeds of the fungus back on the ground. The fungus can grow back if the spores fall on the ground or are carried through the air.


How Do I Get Rid Of Stinkhorn?

Here are the ways for you how to get rid of stinkhorn fungus as follows:

  1. Picking and uprooting stinkhorn fungus directly from the ground
  2. Clearing residues of fungus and spores left on the soil
  3. Use of salt to kill fungus
  4. Bleach and hot water solution for the killing of stinkhorn
  5. Spreading lime on the mushroom stinkhorn fungus
  6. Spraying fungi killer on fungus and soil
  7. Disposing of the fungus in the garbage bag

What Causes Stinkhorn Fungus?

The causes of stinkhorn fungus are decaying woods, rotting organic materials, dead roots, decomposing mulch, and leaves.

Do Stinkhorns Disappear?

Yes, Stinkhorns disappear on their own after a short period of their life cycle.

Are Stinkhorn Fungus Poisonous To Dogs?

Stinkhorn fungus is not poisonous to dogs or other pets, however, its smell may be very bad.

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Is Stinkhorn Fungus Dangerous?

No, Stinkhorn Fungus is not dangerous but they help in decomposing and increasing the quality of soil nutrients.

Why Do I Have Stinkhorns?

The flies land on the mass, the spores stick to their legs and the flies carry them to other locations, thereby spreading the stinkhorns across the countryside. Like all fungi, the right conditions trigger fruiting in stinkhorns. This can happen at any time of year, but most often in the fall along the Treasure Coast.

What Is Stinkhorn Fungus Good For?

Stinkhorns Are Beneficial
As a fungus, the stinkhorn breaks down organic matter. This is especially helpful for landscapes and gardens in Florida’s naturally sandy and nutrient poor soils. In your garden, stinkhorns break down materials such as mulch and make those nutrients available for plants.


In this article, we read how to get rid of stinkhorn fungus by different means. I told what precautions to take while using the bleach and lime to kill stinkhorn fungus. You understood about is stinkhorn fungus poisonous to dogs or not after reading above. I explained how to dig out the fungus and dispose of it afterward in detail. Now you will not have any doubt on how to get rid of stinkhorn fungus.

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